Conservation of Sculpture (A’1)

Course Code:

Π1 8010Α1


8th Semester

Specialization Category:

Elective ( ΜΕ )

Course Hours:




Course Description

Course Theory

Students are taught the art of sculpture and its artistic value, and becomes familiar with conservation methods.

Course Practicals

Students practice on sculpture of various materials such as marble, metal, ceramic and gypsum.

Expected Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to:

  • Address the sculpture not just as materials for maintenance, but as works of art and treated with respect the aesthetic and historical integrity.
  • Investigate, judge, evaluate and plan their maintenance operations with respect and responsibility.


The Scope of the Course and Objectives

The Scope of the Course

It introduces the student to the field of sculpture conservation to understand the value of the object as a work of art, techniques of construction, and the problems caused by long-term physical or chemical damage or man-made damage, such as vandalism. Conservation methods are taught for sculptures made of stone, ceramic, and metal displayed in an indoor and outdoor environment.

Course objectives

Acquisition of relevant skills for conservation of sculpture.