Foreign Language: English

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Π1 2050


2nd Semester

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Required ( ΜΕΥ )

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Course Tutors

Course Description

Course Theory

Linguistic processing and analysis of expression types and extent vocabulary from various authors deal with various issues concerning the importance of the ADA CIB from cultural and artistic side. The structure of each of the modules 12-15 include: questions to understand the text (S-L / short answer / find key words in proposals / multi-selection and coupling. Also language exercises (synonyms – in contrast – derivatives, etc.). Linguistic processing authentic texts concerning the History of Art at various times and feel the different approach of representative works. In addition, presentation of several artists who marked their work with the season. The editing of texts are not translated into Greek and series various questions of understanding and processing language (synonyms / contrast / derivatives, etc.)

Course Practicals



Expected Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to:

Understand authentic texts (lectures, monographs, papers, etc.) that deal with issues of IP Security & English.

The Scope of the Course and Objectives

The Scope of the Course

The satisfaction of learning interests from students in their thematic area with the use of foreign literature and to familiarize students with the specialized vocabulary of Conservation of Antiquities & Works of Art. To familiarize students with certain types of specialized vocabulary and decoding of thought branded critics of art (sculptures, paintings, etc.) and artists.

Course objectives

With the development of language skills to enhance students’ interest in further learning through the use of foreign literature.