Painting: Materials and Techniques

Course Code:

Π1 2040


2nd Semester

Specialization Category:

Required ( ΜΕΥ )

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Course Tutors

Leonidas Karampinis

Course description


This includes analyses of the sense of colour and its potentials, underlying principles of colour selection, contrast and harmonies, relationships between light, colour and vision as well as the basics of pigments, mixing, and colour terminology. Students learn about the specific technical methods, personal style, the manner for presenting various subjects, as well as the colour gamut used by known Greek and foreign painters, which is characteristic of their art.


The practical sessions include the following: Exercises used for teaching the relation between light and colour, the qualities of colours and their potential (primary, secondrary, warm, cold, gray, contrasting colours, harmonies, mixing techniques, colour terminology, etc.). Exercises using tempera and exerceses in which tempera is used in combination with the egg (byzantine art). Exercises using pigments in combination with the egg, and exercises using as a medium the vinavil glue. Exercises using acrylic and oil colours. Exercises teaching various techniques in combination with different materials.

The Scope of the Course and Objectives

The Scope of the Course

Knowledge and development of the fundamentals of the use of colour (brushes, painting surfaces, mediums, materials and techniques) for the creation of artworks used in the entire art history.

Purpose of the course

The students shall be able to discern the creation stages, and the different types of techniques and materials used in a work of painting.