Stavroula Rapti

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Laboratory Teaching Staff

Laboratory Teaching Staff




Ms. Stavroula Rapti is a Conservator of Antiquities and works as Laboratory Lecturer in the Dept of CAWA of the University of West Attica. She holds a Master’s degree in Textile Conservation from University of Southampton and she is a PhD candidate at University of Arts London. She currently teaches the undergraduate modules: “Conservation of Textiles“, “Conservation of archaeological finds”, “Management and Conservation of ethnographic collections” and also postgraduate courses related to conservation. She has considerable professional activity in archaeological excavations and ethnographic collections under the authority of Greek Ministry of Culture. Her research work has been presented and published in various peer reviewed conferences’ preprints. She has participated in several research programs, such as Archimedes (I, II, II), Thales. She is member of the CEN TC/346 Technical Committee for the Standardization of “Conservation of Cultural Heritage”, and as expert of its Greek Mirror Technical Committee for Standardization ELOT:TE/96. Her research interests include the investigation of degradation of proteinaceous or cellulosic substrates such as textiles, rope, basketry by physicochemical techniques, and the study of new materials and methodologies for their conservation treatments.