General Principles and Theory of Conservation

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Π1 2030


2nd Semester

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Required ( ΜΕ )

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Course Tutors

Vassiliki Kokla

Course Description

Course Theory

The course focuses on the basic concepts of conservation and restoration. It presents the idea of preserving the material remains to determine the scope of conservation. Analysis of  the basic conservation procedures: remedial and preventive conservation, preservation, restoration, documentation, examination, analysis, design, diagnosis, consolidation, cleaning, aesthetic restoration, risk assessment. The activities, education and profession of the conservator are presented during the course. Based on the historical development of conservation and the development of modern philosophy and ethics of conservation, the basic principles of restoration are presented. Referance is made  to international organizations, their role in protecting cultural heritage (IIC, ICOM, ICOMOS, ICCROM, UNESCO, TICCIH, etc.) and international charters for the protection of cultural heritage (Athens, Venice, Rome, Granada etc.). Finally, conservation in Greece: structure of services, agencies and organizations, legislation.

Course Practicals



The Scope of the Course and Objectives

The Scope of the Course

It is the familiarization of students with the concept, scope and basic procedures followed in conservation. Also, the presentation of the historical development of theory and practice of conservation and the ability to approach and understanding of contemporary theories and ethics of conservation.

Course objectives

It is the training of students.