The Department

The Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art was founded pursuant to Law no. 1404/1983. Till today, its progress has been of significant success to the Higher Education of the country, since it has decisively contributed as a leading Department to the formation and the development of the scientific field of Conservation of Cultural Heritage, as well as to the levels of education and research and their implementation, defining the practicing frame of the profession of the Conservator in Greece and worldwide. The Department’s educational, scientific and technological profile areas are based on a long-standing & high-quality academic performance and work, which have been the results of:

  • The continuous upgrading and modernization at the Programme of studies, corresponding to the multi-scientific character and the multi-collectivity of the field of knowledge in Conservation, in regards to the strong scientific-theoretical background, in demand of the relevant technical skills and technological competencies required,
  • The Department’s staff, composed of renowned scientists and artists in the field with high academic qualifications, international recognition and multilevel professional experience,
  • The implementation of a wide number of research projects, educational and development Programmes, at a Panhellenic and international level,
  • The operation and function of organized laboratories for the documentation, diagnosis and preservation of Works of Art, objects of archaeological and historical significance, equipped with modern specialized scientific equipment of high standards,
  • The collaboration with numerous Public and private Authorities at an educational & research level and at the field of practise,
  • The relevant publications of the internationally acknowledged scientific work,
  • The Department’s participation at the European Educational Network Organizationin the field of Conservation-Restoration (EΝCoRE) and to the network ERASMUS/SOCRATES Programme: HIGHER EDUCATION.

The Department of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art Graduates are acknowledged professionals at the field of market, with professional rights since 1989 (GOVERNMENT GAZETTE OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 169/16-6-1989) and perform the Conservator’s profession after obtaining the License to practise (Law 2557/24-12-97 and Law 4152 107Α/9-5-2013).