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Our department has established a dedicated student mobility initiative through the Erasmus+ Programme. This program provides UNIWA students with the chance to pursue studies or internships abroad, while also welcoming foreign students to study in our department. Countries that frequently participate in the student exchange program include Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, and Turkey.

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All theoretical courses are conducted in Greek, the official language of the Department’s Program, and are therefore not available to foreign students. However, in courses that integrate both theory and practice, sufficient guidance in English is provided during laboratory sessions. Additionally, professors and instructors engage in discussions about theoretical aspects with Erasmus students during these sessions. They offer relevant bibliography and assign essays, facilitating foreign students in following the theoretical components of courses and participating in final exams conducted in English.

Foreign students who are interested in applying for studies though the Erasmus Program may visit the UNIWA Erasmus webpage to get directions for the application procedure:

For further clarifications incoming students may contact the Erasmus Office  and/or 

The courses that are currently offered to Erasmus Students in our Department can be downloaded here.

Detailed information on the courses is available though the links provided in the list of courses. Please open the list of courses and follow the links to find out information about the course content as well as the contacts of the responsible professors for each course. It is advisable to contact the Professors in charge of the courses which you wish to attend, prior to the completion of your Learning Agreement. Please note that the full ECTS of each course, as appearing in the list of courses, is only provided when students have succeeded in both the practical and theoretical part of the course. This means that the students have to make arrangements with the professors of each course for the examination of the theoretical part of the course at the end of the semester. 

Some laboratory courses may have a high number of participants, leading to space limitations and the acceptance of only a limited number of foreign students. Therefore, we recommend that you contact the departmental coordinator or the responsible professors before finalizing your Learning Agreement (LA). This ensures that you can be accommodated in your selected courses and receive the necessary information about availability and any potential restrictions.

Specialised conservation courses (in the orange cells in the list of courses, each receiving 9 ECTS) are offered only to incoming students who are following heritage conservation studies in their home institution. A limited number of courses are available to art students or students from other subject areas. If you are not a heritage conservation student you should contact the Departmental Erasmus Coordinator to find out if you are eligible to attend courses in our Department and which are the courses which you can select.  

Attendance in the Laboratory courses is obligatory with a tolerance of 2 absences per semester.

Please do not address Erasmus related questions to the Department Secretariat.

  • For administrative issues, such as the submission of your nomination documents, applications, certificates or arrival and departure, please always refer to the Erasmus Incoming Students Office: and 
  • For any information or issues concerning the academic content of your studies please contact the Erasmus Departmental co-ordinator


For administrative support on your mobility program contact: and

For academic support contact:

For technical assistance on the e-class platform please contact:

For your account (username and password) contact: