Erasmus Studies

Erasmus + Programme

The Department has developed a special mobility of students through the Erasmus+ Programme. The programme offers to UNIWA students the opportunity to study or take an internship abroad as well as to foreign students to study  in our Department. Among the European countries with which there is a frequent exchange of students are Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Netherlands, Belgium, France and Germany.

Study with us

All theoretical courses are taught in Greek, which is the official language of the course. However, in courses which include both theory and practice there is enough guidance in English during the laboratory sessions. Professors and instructors discuss theoretical aspects with Erasmus students, they provide bibliography and assign essays enabling foreign students to follow the course and participate in the exams for the theoretical part of the courses.

Foreign students who are interested in applying for studies though the Erasmus Program may visit the Erasmus webpage to get directions for the application procedure:

For further clarifications they may contact the Erasmus Office at: .

The courses which are currently offered to Erasmus Students can be downloaded here.

Detailed information on the courses is available though the links provided in the list of courses.

Due to the pandemic courses, which were not completed during the last year, may have a large number of participants and therefore limited availability.  Please contact the departmental coordinator or the professors in charge, before you move on with your application.


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For academic support contact:

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