Athanasios Karampotsos

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Technical Laboratory Staff

Technical Laboratory Staff




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Athanasios Karampotsos studied Conservatory of Antiquities & Art Works at Technological Educational Institute of Athens (T.E.I.). He is a permanent technician, specialized technical laboratory staff (S.T.L.S.) at the Department of Conservation of Antiquities & Art Works, University of Western Attica. He has participated in a number of university excavations, conservation work of metal and stone monuments throughout Greece and participation in Greek and European research programs. From 1975-1989 he worked in the General Directorate of Vocational Education – Directorate of Vocational Guidance and Supervisory Teaching, of the Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs, in an experimental team for the development of physical-chemistry instruments for all levels of education. In his dissertation, he systematically dealt with the use of X-ray diffraction (X.R.D.) qualitative, mineralogical analysis of specimens in the Department of Metallurgical Mining Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, at Geochemistry Department. Experience in the use of SEM/EDS scanning electron microscopy, the study of the microstructure of different materials (metals, stones, ceramics, pigments, bones, fossils, etc.), combined with microanalysis, EDS and the processing of results using statistical analysis, image analysis. He has had teaching experience as a Laboratory Associate at the Department of Conservation of Antiquities & Art Works, at University of Western Attica and has participated in a significant number of publications and announcements, concerning maintenance methods for metal and stone monuments.

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