Georgios Panagiaris

Giorgos Panagiaris is a Biologist, Doctor of Biological Sciences and licensed by the Greek Ministry of Culture as Conservator of Organic Materials. He is Professor Head of the Dept. of Conservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, UNIWA.  Between 2005-2018, he was the Institutional Coordinator of T.E.I. of Athens of the LLP Erasmus / Erasmus+ Program. He was the Director (2016-2018) and continues to be the Professor at the Inter-institutional Postgraduate Course entitled “Museum Studies”, co-organized by the University of Athens and T.E.I. Athens. He is official national expert and voting member in CEN/TC346 working at European level to standardize the work of the Cultural Heritage Preservation. He is a member of the ICOM Conservation Committee with active participation in working groups dealing with collections of Natural History and Ethics Issues. His scientific / research activity focuses on issues of Conservation of Organic Materials with emphasis on human remains and collections of Natural History, issues of Biodeterioration in museum collections and on ethical management of these. He has co-authored eight collective volumes and over 80 original papers in international and national scientific journals and conference proceedings.  He was the coordinator or principal researcher in over 40 Greek and international projects.

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